Can an average student achieve an 8.5 IELTS band score?

Achieving an 8.5 IELTS band score is going to be an interesting process. No matter, if you are a gold medalist or an average student, you will have to make sincere efforts to achieve an 8.5 band score. For sure, it is possible but for this, you will have to abide by a few rules and regulations. Yes, to achieve an 8.5 band score in the IELTS exam, you will need an adhere to a few top rules.

The article is written to help you learn a few top tips to achieve an 8.5 IELTS band score and bag so many job and education opportunities. Also, for more information on the IELTS exam procedure, don’t hesitate to connect with the country’s best IELTS Institute in Chandigarh.

The procedure to achieve an 8.5 IELTS band score:

Let’s have a look at the following pointers to learn the process of achieving an 8.5 IELTS band score.

The format

A candidate’s clarity on the IELTS exam format will play a huge role in making him achieve an 8.5 band score. It is never a good idea to appear for the exam without having sheer clarity on the exam’s format. One must work on collecting the sample papers and analyzing the types of questions that he is going to receive when taking the exam.

Regular practice on sample papers

Regular practice on the sample papers will help the candidates a lot in aligning their exam preps with the format requirements to ace the exam. Many candidates practice to take the exam but they, sometimes, don’t practice in the right direction which problematizes the process of acing the exams. It is important to practice on sample papers to learn the language from the perspective of the exam.

Time management

For sure, when solving the sample papers, you will come across so many instructions to manage your time well. Therefore, it is not very tough to manage time as in the case of the government exams. however, many students still face problems when managing time to ace the IELTS exam.

Improve your handwriting speed as the IELTS writing section is considered quite lengthy. Also, follow the instructions to wrap up your reading, and writing section on time.


An ample number of YouTube tutorials are to help the IELTS exam test takers. They have professionals who guide you from the beginning to the deliverance of the results. Therefore, make sure to get help from such platforms and trace the right path to ace the exam with an incredible score.

Practice Listening

Listening to a variety of English interviews, accents, and songs will help you get familiar with the exact pronunciation of the words and for sure this will provide a great help to those who find the listening section quite problematic. Getting familiar with the pronunciation of the words will improve your performance in the section. 

We focused on listening skills particularly as many candidates believe that reading English can accelerate their performance in listening to English.

Learn from mistakes

After sincere practice on the mock tests, review all the mistakes and try to improve them. To improve your weaknesses, you have to look for them through the regular practice of the mock tests. Therefore, solve the mock tests, look for the mistakes, and improve them.

Work on your English vocabulary

You have to follow a procedure to work on your English vocabulary as this will help you boost your performance in every section. Rely on the Oxford dictionary to learn the words with their authentic meanings.

For sure, selecting the PTE exam to receive your English proficiency proof will be quite beneficial. The Best PTE Institute in Chandigarh will aid you in enhancing your PTE exam prep from the perspective of the actual exam.


Achieving an 8.5 IELTS band score can improve your career. Therefore, always step back when it comes to leveling up your score in the exam. Also, involve the help from the top professionals to ease your journey to ace the IELTS exam.

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